Stability of ternary antiderivation in ternary Banach algebras via fixed point theorem




In this paper, we introduce the concept of ternary antiderivation on ternary Banach algebras and investigate the stability of ternary antiderivation in ternary Banach algebras, associated to the \((\alpha,\beta)\)-functional inequality:

\begin{cases} &\| \mathcal{F}(x+y+z) - \mathcal{F}(x+z) - \mathcal{F}(y-x+z) - \mathcal{F}(x-z) \| \\ &\leq \| \alpha (\mathcal{F}(x+y-z) + \mathcal{F}(x-z) - \mathcal{F}(y)) \| + \| \beta (\mathcal{F}(x-z) \\ &+ \mathcal{F}(x) - \mathcal{F}(z)) \| \end{cases}where \(\alpha\) and \(\beta\) are fixed nonzero complex numbers with \(\vert\alpha \vert +\vert \beta \vert<2\) by using the fixed point method.


Hyers-Ulam stability , stability , fixed point method , ternary antiderivation , ternary Banach algebra , additive functional inequality

Mathematics Subject Classification:

47B47 , 11E20 , 17B40 , 39B72 , 47H10
  • Pages: 273–288
  • Date Published: 2023-08-08
  • Vol. 25 No. 2 (2023)

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